The Big Synagogue in Pazardzhik was constructed in 1850. The name of the architect is Stavri Temelkov, one of the great names of the Bratzigovo’s architectural school. The architectural and decorative forms are magnificent illustration of the best building tradition of mid-19th C. – local traditional architecture with neo-baroque stylistic features, typical for Bulgarian Revival period. It is a symmetrical structure with аn axis of composition, orientated North-East – South-West. The situation is prompted by the specific requirements of the site. The main religious space is structured in the same canonical forms as in other buildings of this type – a central space, marked by four columns, separates the form of the mural with individual architectural and decorative treatment. The surface of the ceiling is very attractive with its colored performance. The inner space is monumental and enlightens by numerous windows (more than 30) which reflect the variation of the daylight. It was declared architectural monument of culture.

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