Rosh Hashanah, Happy New Year! Shana tova!

One grand lesson of Rosh Hashanah is that we are, and can continue to be, very good. It is sufficient if we strive to achieve our potential. It is only when we fail to be the fullness of which we are that we are held accountable.
Rosh Hashanah is a day we ask God – and we ask ourselves – to see our goodness, understand our frailties, accept our regrets, deepen our wisdom and strengthen our resolve to weave new threads of goodness into the fabric of our lives.
When we look carefully, we often find that the texture of our lives is an enlarged pattern of the little things: the times we lost our temper and the times we held our peace, the times our friends could count on us and the times we weren’t there, the times we did what was right in our workplace and the times we looked away.

(by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, Rosh Hashanah: Being Our Best,

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